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As a visitor we want you to enjoy your round at Oppenheimer Park Golf Club.

OPGC - Oppenheimer Park Golf Club Welkom Golf
A Few Helpful Tips

  • Visitors are welcome to play in our Club Competitions, at a small extra charge.
  • Please arrive at your tee 10 minutes before your tee-off time.
  • You must carry a sandbag. These are available from the Golf Cart Collection point.
  • Please ensure that you repair all divots and pitch marks.
  • Use allocated pathways, especially when moving from hole 4 green to hole 5 tee-box (Please do not take shortcut over hole 1 fairway).
  • No carts allowed with in five meters of all greens. No carts allowed on tee-boxes.
  • Around the clubhouse smoking is only permitted outside. No smoking inside the bar area or halfway house.
  • No litter or cigarette ends should be discarded on the course.

Enjoy your golf at Oppenheimer Park Golf Club.

Local Rules

OPGC - Oppenheimer Park Golf Club Welkom Golf
Local Rules
Out of Bounds:
Beyond the boundary fence of the course and precon wall around the house at the 9th hole, 18th hole, inside the car park, the club house area, putting & chipping green demarcated by paved road.

Penalty Area:
All trenches, drains and dams are penalty areas. Yellow and red stakes indicate a penalty area.

Irrigation Points:
A ball coming to rest within one club length of a water point or connection which interferes with swing or stance may be lifted and dropped without penalty not more than one club length from its original position, but not nearer to the hole.

Planted Trees:
A ball may be dropped without penalty within two club lengths from all staked trees not more than two meter in height.

Immovable obstructions:
A ball may be dropped one club length away without penalty from all penalty markers, distance markers, benches, tee markers and advertising boards.

Roads and Pathways:
A club length relief not nearer to the pin, with no penalty.

Plugged ball:
A ball imbedded in its own pitch mark, may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty, one club length from where it lay, not closer to the hole.

Distance Markers:
All distance markers are to the center of the green.

Sand Bag:
Sand bags are compulsory and are available from the golf shop.

OPGC - Oppenheimer Park Golf Club Welkom Golf


OPGC - Oppenheimer Park Golf Club Welkom Golf
OPGC - Oppenheimer Park Golf Club Welkom Golf

Meet the team

Club President
Collin Smith

Club Captain
Gert Nieuwoudt

Vice Captain
Charlie Palm

Club Manager
Shauline Sheppard

Committee Members

Japie Nel

Jumbo Berry

Coenie Olivier

PB Dippenaar

Gigi Campodonico

Mariana Payne